Fashion is my passion. That’s a phrase I have been using for many years now, and I still feel those are
the right words to describe why I do this, the art of photography and all that’s surrounding it. The
retouch, the meetings, agencies, fashion and people I work with. Many of them truly have the passion for
what they do and I feel lucky to be around them. This business is about sharing ideas and working together for the result that I consider to be art. Storytelling, creative innovation, and visual awesomeness, that’s the stuff that makes my heart jump.

This is probably why fashion have that special place in my heart. All the talent and inspiration that goes into the making of a photograph, it’s just so satisfying to see the end result. But then again, advertisement, beauty and alternative style all have an important role in my work. But my personal touch and style comes from a blend of all the above I think. I just love to bring them all together in a mix that I proudly can call my own.

Without all of this, I would be lost