I believe the best photos from your wedding is captured when you least expect it. And since most weddings last 12 hours, some times more, and sometimes less, you can never really tell when those moments will occur. And I really like the long weddings, because that gives you and me a lot of chances to get the real moments when you don’t have to pretend to get your hair or make up done. When ever you do it, take your time and let me get that moment for you. From early morning, to late night.
If you wish.

Basic fee: 5000 SEK / 550 EUR.
Following hour: 2000 SEK / 200 EUR.
(20 pictures and photography for about 1 hour)

Travel Expenses: 700 SEK / 80 EUR /hour
Half Day (6 hours): 22 000 SEK / 2400 EUR
Full Day (12 hours): 32 000 SEK / 3500 EUR
Every file unedited: 4000 SEK / 450 EUR
(including your package)

Please contact me for full list.