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by Magnus Svensson juli 10, 2014

Need to refine your workflow and techniques?

I’m offering advanced master classes on natural and high end portrait retouching. But for those of you that would like more hands on training I offer private one-on-one lessons as well.

Why Choose One-on-One Training?

There are tons of free online tutorials that will get you started, but one-on-one lessons can help you reach the next level of photoshop skills. We can work on my images, or yours, to refine your workflow and techniques. During the lesson I will give you feedback on what you do. As opposed to a one-sided demonstration, these sessions are meant to be collaborative and interactive, helping you improve your skills quickly and efficiently.

What will we cover

Topics covered will vary depending on what you want to learn. For example, fashion/portrait retouching will  focus mostly on skin retouching and retaining texture as well as dodging and burning, pre-processing, color grading, compositing, object removal and other topics. But in the end, sessions are customized to suit your needs, goals and photographic genre.

/// Magnus Svensson
\\\ Maz Studios 2014


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