Maz Studios One-On-One Online Training

by Magnus Svensson juli 10, 2014

Need to refine your workflow and techniques? I'm offering advanced master classes on natural and high end portrait retouching. But for those of you that would like more hands on training I offer private one-on-one lessons as well. Why Choose One-on-One Training? There are tons of free online tutorials that will get you started, but one-on-one lessons can help you reach... Read more

Gina Tricot

by Magnus Svensson juni 15, 2013

Welcome! I am very happy to tell you that for the past month I have been working with Gina Tricot as a Photographer and retoucher. Hopefully this will keep going for a while, as I am studio manager and will try to evolve this from awesome, to epic! /// Magnus Svensson \\\ Maz Studios 2013 Read more

First update of 2013

by Magnus Svensson januari 25, 2013

Finally! It's time for a big update, the first of 2013 actually. I've been like the busy little bee shooting, retouching,  travelling and sleeping (not so much sleep actually), so the time kind of wasn't enough. But now I have had some free time and what better than make this update? Well, nothing of course. So have a look at the new stuff added to my portfolio. I hope you... Read more

The New

by Magnus Svensson april 2, 2012 And it's pretty much done my friends. Just a few texts that needs to be changed and edited, but I feel you can take a peek now and make it all official. Let me know what you think. Do you find anything out of order, send me a mail under "contact". I give you The Maz Style: /// Magnus Svensson \\\ Maz Studios 2012 Read more

The Maz Studios Blog

by Magnus Svensson april 2, 2012

The Maz Studios Photo Blog So, now it's pretty much finished, my main blog with everything about my photography, behind the scenes and other stuff. Feel free to take a look. I really hope you will enjoy it. It's been a lot of hard work. I give you my blog: /// Magnus Svensson \\\ Maz Studios 2012 Read more

The Old Blog

by Magnus Svensson mars 28, 2012 My old blog just have been re-suited for a new style. It used to be my main blog, but since I have moved all work-related stuff into this one, I decided to keep it and have all my private writing over there. So, feel free to visit it, although it is in Swedish most of the time. I give you my old, new, blog: /// Mag... Read more

Maz Studios V5.0

by Magnus Svensson mars 22, 2012

So, here we are! Finally a redesign of my old trustworthy homepage. I have for a long time wished to have the blog at the same adres as my corporate site. My old blog will remain, but under new flag. It will be my personal blog, and this all about my work as a fashion photographer. Of course with a pinch of what happens behind the scenes and other stuff. The other reason... Read more